Benevolo, a Forgotten Genius of Polyphony

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Wednesday 30 June 2021


From €23.40 to €26 (free seating)


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Cité musicale-Metz

Concert Spirituel, a spiritual concert with a choir and orchestra including the Metz cathedral choir.
For the 30th anniversary of its prestigious formation, Hervé Niquet, the founder of this Concert Spirituel, will be making his dream come true: to give the unjustly unknown baroque composer Orazio Benevolo the same level of fame as that enjoyed by Palestrina and Monteverdi.
Eight choirs of four singers will be carefully distributed to ensure that every aspect of this monumental music, with its fiery tutti and masterfully smooth polyphony, is fully magnified. Voices battle and merge, and cornets and bassoons join forces, leaving our senses in no doubt that the sound barrier had already been broken before Berlioz or Mahler.