Blow Bangles – from Firozabad to Meisenthal

When ?

From February 2 to February 28, 2021





Firozabad is a working-class town in northern India. Its main activity is the production of bangles in the form of glass bracelets bearing numerous spiritual symbols, worn by the Indians themselves. Meisenthal in France is a glassmaking village in an area known as Pays de Bitche, which enjoyed an extraordinary industrial epic (1704 – 1969) and is now experiencing an astonishing second wind thanks to the Meisenthal International Glass Art Centre (Centre International d'Art Verrier – CIAV). As an artist in residency at the CIAV, François Daireaux has brought together these two techniques to design and produce thanks to Meisenthal’s master glassmakers, a masterful and militant artistic installation composed of 404 unique glass artefacts exhibited in the exceptional setting of the church of Saint-Pierre-aux-Nonnains.