IN/ Fadazma – Elsa Tomkoviak

When ?

From 4 September to 18 October




From Wednesday to Sunday, 2pm to 6pm In partnership with Metz Constellations Festival


Ville de Metz

This installation, which is specific to Saint Vincent’s basilica, is rooted in my research into optical phenomena related to sunlight, and the relationships between light, colour, space and painting in general. To develop a new pictorial concept, under which viewers are invited to wander, I used a vertical photometeor also known as a light column, or solar pillar, which can be observed in cold weather at sunrise or sunset, or above cities. "In/Fadazma" invites the viewer to revisit this imposing location, and see it as a receptacle for the deployment and redistribution of light and colour. These floating "pillars" embrace the colourful fluctuations in the manner of stained-glass windows, and impose themselves both in contrast to, and in fusion with, the surrounding architecture.