“La grâce d’une cathédrale”

When ?

Saturday 23 November from 4pm-6pm


Free admission


Diocèse de Metz

The Saint-Étienne Cathedral in Metz is entering the prestigious collection directed by Bishop Joseph Doré, Archbishop Emeritus of Strasbourg," The Grace of a Cathedral "from La Nuée Bleue editions.

The collection of art books "The Grace of a Cathedral" offers a scientific approach and is accessible to a wide audience. Each volume is led by the bishop of the building concerned, written by about thirty recognized specialists, and structured in three main parts: the history of the building site; the exhaustive description (wealth and peculiarities of the building); the life of the cathedral through the centuries (religious, political and symbolic history). With a large format, between 400 and 500 pages and 500 to 600 illustrations crossing the ages, these books present the sum of current knowledge on the great cathedrals of France.

On November 30, 2019, at 4.00 pm, in the cathedral, Bishop Lagleize of Metz, will welcome Bishop Doré and Mathilde Reumaux, Director of the editions, with the 30 co-authors of the book on the cathedral, as well as the civil authorities and the whole audience present. It is an appointment open to all. Professor Michaux will present the book. It will follow a signing session in the heart of the cathedral.