Metz: its Cathedral, a True Symbol!

When ?

Until January 3, 2021




From 2pm to 7pm in September and 2pm to 6pm in October and November (apart from Mondays)



The exhibition by the Metz Libraries and Media Libraries presents a selection of objects depicting the image of Saint-Étienne Cathedral in Metz. The city’s most iconic figure, the cathedral has been included as a symbol on different media, guides and touristic, political or propaganda posters over the ages, but also menus, greeting cards, administrative documents, bookplates, works of art, games, furniture, decorative and edible items, etc. The exhibition examines the different symbolic uses of the cathedral thanks to these documents, works of art and unique objects mostly originating from collections at the Metz Libraries and Media Libraries, but also from several regional cultural partners (Museum Archives) or on loan from individuals.