On the Ceremonial Aspect of Metz Cathedral

When ?

Thursday 11, May 2021 at 2pm




Free entry, Claude Lefebvre room



Lorraine’s Regional University Centre for History (Centre Régional Universitaire Lorrain d'Histoire – Université de Lorraine), with the assistance of the Spaces & Cultures History Centre (Centre d'Histoire Espaces & Cultures) (Clermont Auvergne University) will bring together historians and musicologists for the purpose of cross-referencing their approaches to the history of worship in Metz cathedral from the Middle Ages to the 18th century. This scientific meeting is just one stage in the preparation of an ambitious project: a concert entitled Choir Voices (Les Voix du Choeur), which will recreate the great ceremonial held in Metz cathedral in 1694. This project requires in-depth knowledge of the particular conditions of worship in Metz cathedral, to which this study day will make an important contribution, around four main themes: the layout inside the cathedral, liturgies and devotions, music in the cathedral, the pomp of worship. At the end of the meeting, Concert Lorrain will perform the music of Guillaume Haslé in Saint Glossinde’s chapel, where it was first performed.