Study day on Gregorian Chant

When ?

6,7,8th March





Between 754 and 850, in the city of Metz was developed the so-called "Gregorian" chant, an original synthesis of the repertoire of the Franks of the North-East and the chant from Rome. This chant, first called "cantilena metensis" – song from Metz – was imposed throughout the empire by the Carolingian power. Since then, the Metz singing school "la scola metensis" is one of the most brilliant musical centres in Europe.

As part of the 800th anniversary of the cathedral, the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Metz Métropole wishes to recall the importance of Metz chant in the great history of Gregorian chant.

These Early Music Days thus address all that relates to Gregorian chant between the tradition of their cultural uses and their cultural impact. They are aimed at a wide public, professional musicians, conservatory students, choir members, music lovers and history buffs.