The cathedral, as told by Pierre Perrat

When ?

Wednesday 23rd December 2020, from 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm


4 €


From 6 years onwards. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Registration on site at the Inspire Metz agency - Tourist Office, or by e-mail at: 15 children maximum



Master Pierre Perrat. Architect. Legend. The Devil. The vault. Not much remains of this unusual character, but what if he were brought back to life? Listen to the story of the cathedral and its construction, as told by Pierre Perrat himself, who has come back to set the record straight regarding this exceptional project. A quirky and humorous visit suited to a family audience. A ghost? A memory? An illusion? Maître Pierre Perrat will take you on a (re)discovery tour of this iconic monument in the city of Metz.