The Lantern – Medieval Mystery

When ?

Saturday 3 July and Sunday 4 July




Free entry and access



Arnaud Marzorati (Les Lunaisiens) and Christophe Bergossi (Metz cathedral choir) present a performance that looks at Metz cathedral as seen through the eyes of a child. Actors, musicians, singers, jugglers, fencers, amateurs and professionals join forces to tell the story of the cathedral by staging its legendary and historical events: 'word jugglers' relate the life of Saint Etienne, the processions of penitents terrified at the idea of entering the Year 1000; the arrival of Attila, Graoully and Pierre Perrat, etc. In their celebration of Metz Cathedral, spectators become noisy kids, play medieval games, wield swords, and spit fire, thus reviving so many medieval mysteries!