The Painter and Master Glassmakers

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Spring 2021


€5 (free for PASS-M and Youth PASS-M holders)


Duration: 1 hour Information and bookings:


Centre Pompidou-Metz

Meret Meyer, Marc Chagall's granddaughter, and vice-president of the Marc Chagall Committee, and Benoît Marq, master glassmaker, painter and poet, son of Charles Marq and Brigitte Simon, master glassmakers of the Atelier Simon Marq, a dynasty of glassmakers and painters who made most of Marc Chagall’s stained-glass windows, look back on this exceptional collaboration between the painter and the craftsmen. They go back over the history of the workshop in Reims, the circumstances of the meeting between the artist and the master glassmakers, as well as the long days of work required to breathe life into the stained-glass windows, based on the model created by a painter constantly in search of light.