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Vitrail Trail – Constellations #4

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Until December 31




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Ville de Metz

As the result of a collaboration between the international festival of digital arts known as Constellations de Metz, and the celebrations in honour of the 800th anniversary of Saint Etienne's cathedral, the Stained Glass trail offers an artistic and digital discovery of the exceptional collection of stained glass, from the 13th to the 21st centuries, in churches, but also in many civil and private buildings.
Devised around the theme of colour, it is punctuated by artistic installations and a series of videos entitled "Histories of Glass" (Histoires de Verre), which bring to life some of the remarkable stained-glass windows that exist in Metz. Echoing this trail, a focus on "Stained Glass in Metz, a Comprehensive Art Form" (Le vitrail à Metz, tout un art) and a virtual exhibition devoted to "Stained glass in Metz, a hidden art form" (Le vitrail à Metz, un art caché) on the "Histories of Metz" (Histoires de Metz) application will allow visitors to further their discovery.